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(Second Edition)

This book serves as an essential guide for those visiting St Paul's Hill at Malacca. It provides the vistor with background information regarding the ancient tombstones and graves found at the hill.

It details out the location of the historic graves and includes a transcript of the epitaphs. Also provided are translations Portuguese, Latin and Dutch writings on the tombstones, as well as background information on those who were buried there.

The graves on St Paul’s Hill are located in three different areas. The first is located within the ruined church on the top of the hill. The second is located in the area on the outside surrounding the ruined church. Thirdly, there are a number of graves located in the old cemetery at the foot of the hill, known as the Dutch cemetery.

Research for this book covers previous publications on the graves at St Paul's Hill, including research done by E. M. Merryweather (1900), Robert Norman (1905) and Alan Harfield (1984). However, this book provides further details on the background of those who were interred at St Paul’s Hill.

With this book, the visitor will receive a better insight on the many historical tombstones of those real people who had once lived or visited Malacca and were interred at the hill.

It is also an ideal reference book for Malaysian Tourist Guides. It will help Guides to speak more confidently about the historic tombstones at St Paul's Hill.

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Description :
70 pp

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(Soft Cover only)

Release Date :

July 2016 - Second Edition
April 2013 - First Edition

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BOOK TRIVIA - Did you know?

- Historic Malacca was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

- The earliest known record of the tombstones on St. Paul’s Hill, Malacca was made in 1713 by Michiel de Bruyn, the Sexton of the Dutch Reformed Church of Malacca.

- The ruins of St. Paul’s Church at St. Paul’s Hill, Malacca is the oldest church in Malaysia and the site of the oldest Catholic Church in this part of the region.

- St. Francis Xavier was buried in St. Paul’s Church, Malacca in 1553 and his body remained there for 5 months before being brought to Goa.

- The oldest tombstone on St. Paul’s Hill, Malacca goes back to 1568, during the Portuguese colonial period.

- Dom Miguel De Castro, the son of Dom Joao De Castro ("Strong Castro") who was a celebrated Portuguese naval officer and the Viceroy and Captain in Chief of Portuguese India, was interred on St. Paul’s Hill, Malacca.

- Dutch administrators who were buried on St. Paul’s Hill, Malacca included those who had previously served in Phuket and Nakhon Si Thammarat in Thailand.

- The wife of Jan van Riebeeck, the founder of Cape Town at South Africa, died at Malacca and was buried in the church on St. Paul’s Hill.



A brief history of Malacca

Historical Eras of Malacca

The Ruins of St Paul's Church

Tombstones Found Outside St Paul's Hill

Tombstones Found Inside the Ruins of St Paul's Chuch

A brief background of the life of St. Francis Xavier

A Missing Tombstone

Fort Cemetery and The Naning Memorial

Missing Graves


Index of Known Graves at St. Paul's Hill



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