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This book is re-issued in 2016 to commemorate the 375th anniversary of the capture of Malacca by the Dutch in 1641.

It was first published in 1941 by Fr. R Cardon, a priest from St. Francis Xavier Church, Malacca, as ‘A Tercentenary – The Fall of Portuguese Malacca to the Dutch (1641 – 1941)’ to commemorate the 300th anniversary (1641 – 1941) of this historic event and it has now become a very rare book.

Fr. Cardon has managed to extract the vital information from academic papers on the subject presented by renowned scholars and historians such as F. A. Leupe, William Marsden, Manuel Joaquim Pinheiro Chagas, Hendrik Pieter Nicolaas Muller, Godinho de Eredia, Justus Schouten and François Valentijn. In this booklet, Fr. Cardon also provides us with the names of the key persons involved in this historic event.

It plainly puts the sequence of historic events into perspective and it details out the decline of the Portuguese maritime power, the siege of the city of Malacca and its surrender to the Dutch. Thus, it recreates vividly an essential page in Malaysia’s history.

  The fall of MALACCA has caused great dejection among the Portuguese prisoners. They say openly “ Now that Malacca is lost, there’s no more India for us “and it is true.    …we shall be able to drive the PORTUGUESE out of India within a short time. The ENGLISH and the DANES must then dry up and your honourable Company will have full control of the rich trade.

Extracts from the Archives of the
Dutch East India Company
By P. A. Leupe

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41 pp

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January 2016

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BOOK TRIVIA - Did you know?

- The siege of Malacca took place over a period of 6 months.

- Two Dutch commanders died before Malacca was taken.

- Captain Minne Williemsz Caertekoe never took part in the fight to capture Malacca on 14th January 1641. He was sick in bed..

- The battle on 14th January 1641 began at dawn and it was over by 10.00 am.

- The Portuguese Governor of Malacca, Dom Manuel de Souza Couthinho, was considered as a traitor by his people..

- After the capture of Malacca, the Malay Rulers in the surrounding region sent congratulatory notes to the VOC.



About the Author and the Book (by Dennis De Witt)

Cover Page of ‘A Tercentenary – The Fall of Portuguese Malacca to the Dutch (1641 – 1941)’

Foreword (by Victor Purcell)

Introduction (by R. Cardon)

The Decline

The Siege

The Storming

Plan of Malacca


'The Fall of Portuguese Malacca to the Dutch' was launched in the evening of Saturday, 16th January 2016 by Ambassador Harry Molenaar of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kuala Lumpur at his Residence in Kuala Lumpur.

Also present was Mr. Ton Mandemaker, the Deputy Head of Mission.

The launch of the book was held during the new year reception of Dutch Association of Malaysia (NLVMaleisië).


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